A platform which helps optimize your ad inventory without affecting existing revenues

Power of Intelligent Advertising



Near 100% Fill Rate

Triggered by real user engagement, our advanced units yield more than 90% ad viewability rates. This means more conversions and higher traffic quality.

Dedicated Account Specialists

Yes, we have no ticketing system. Our Expert Account Managers will take care of all your queries instantly.

Quick Payments

Industry Standard threshold of $100 and on-time payments. We make it easy for you to get paid by facilitating the payments on fixed dates of every month.

Premium Demand Sources

Our platform is partnered with major ad exchanges of the adtech industry. We deliver easy access to premium ads by involving your web property with all the top exchanges.

Key Features

Plug & Play

Sign-Up – Review & Approval - start Earning all in less than a day with our publisher’s dashboard you can monetize your traffic in less than five minutes, track your revenue with in-depth reports.

Innovative Ad Formats

Our unique properietary same slot - convergent ad formats across video / display / native / content allows bids to come-in form larger set of advertisers across multiple demand partners.

Access to Premium Ad Campaigns

Move away from low paying ads with our Retargeting enabled ad campaigns.

Revenue Maximization

Our advanced algorithms optimize the advertising yields by maximizing bids for each of your ad-impression on a Real Time Bidding (RTB) basis.

Our Team

Kush Rohra

Kush Rohra

Aksh Chhetija

Aksh Chhetija

Ajinkya Pawar

Ajinkya Pawar

Strategic Partnerships
Maanav Chhetija

Maanav Chhetija

Business Development Specialist

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Why Adsolut Media ?

  • Easy start, instant approve
  • Quick Payments
  • Near 100% Fill Rate
  • Innovative Ad Formats
  • Dedicated Account Specialists
  • Revenue-boosting ad units

About Us

Adsolut Media is a Contextual Ad Network partnered with some of the major Ad Exchanges of the industry. Serving more than 200 Million Impressions monthly. We offer you, our publisher’s a heap of advantages when you sign up with our network.

The company's main goal is the constant dynamic development of our programmatic solutions in order to make the relations between advertisers and publisher’s successful and profitable for both sides.